Heirloom Seeds

I’ve been truly fortunate this year since moving to Arkansas. At first it was a little difficult for me though. I wanted a job change, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I had worked in a restaurant for 25 years..didn’t want to do that anymore.Worked in the Veterinary field for 12 years..didn’t want to do that either. So I took some time off after we got here to try and figure out what in the heck I wanted to do.  After time I decided I need to do something, anything to bring income into the household. My Fiance works in the Veterinary field, and wanted to remain in it after the move, and so she did. She got a job fairly quickly, but I on the other hand..not so much.

Just when it was starting to look like we were going to have to call the landlord, and tell him, “Ummm we don’t have any money for rent”( I’m sure that would go over smoothly) I was offered a job, and quickly accepted the position. Phew..thank goodness. I considered it our Christmas present this year, and realized I (we) were truly fortunate this year! I hope you had a great Christmas this year too!

Something else I feel fortunate about is discovering Heirloom seeds (nice segue huh?) When I gardened long ago I used the seed packs from the local nursery, or ordered some from one of the seed companies through their catalogs. I’d usually just pick something not paying any attention to the details of the seeds. This year though it’s different for me. I’ve discovered Heirloom seeds, and that’s what I’m going to plant next spring. I like that that using them means we can save seeds for the next planting, and they’re like the plants the seeds came from. Hybrid seeds are not like that, and I didn’t know that until this year. If you want to know a little more about the difference check out About.com’s description.

Last week I ordered some Heirloom seeds from a Food Bank in North Central Arkansas. The proceeds from the seed sales go to help the Food Bank. So you not only help out the plants to continue to grow in our gardens, and not disappear from existence, but you help an organization that deals with different charities. How cool is that?!

Today when I got home from my first day at my new job..I went to the mailbox, and lo and behold my seeds were delivered! Yipeee! They didn’t have one of the packs I ordered though. I have MANY catalogs on the way so I’m sure I can find it in one of those. Here’s what I got so far..they’re from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (lots of links in this post huh?) I’m assuming the Food Bank has an arrangement with them, because all of the seeds were from the same company.

I was just excited, and wanted to share!!

Heirloom Seeds


5 responses to “Heirloom Seeds

  1. Good luck with your gardening endeavours for the coming year. I’m hoping it will be an early Spring to follow the mild Winter.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you I hope so too. Happy New Year to you as well!

  3. I have totally been bitten by the “heirloom seed” bug! Nearly all of my seeds came from Baker seed Co. I had nearly 93% germination rate on the tomatoes!

  4. 93% sounds great! I’m glad I got mine from them, and I can’t hardly wait to plant!!

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